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What are different tabs in the mail center

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The mail center now has tabs to help organize the mailbox. The tabs are listed across the top and the default tab is the “inbox”. Below are all tabs and each is briefly explained on what you may see:

  • Inbox: inbox store all a users’ rental lead from tenant. Using the inbox you will be able to reply to each tenant.
  • Premium hits: Located directly next to your inbox is the Premium hits tab. This tab stores all your Premium hits. A Premium hit is direct hit or request from a tenant who has viewed your rental listing on If you have premium listing you will be able to send a message to these potential tenants. Please note, that when you send a message to the tenant the word “reply” and a date will located next to the tenants details.
  • Sent Mail: The sent mail tab will store all your recently sent tenant matches that you have sent from the tenant database. All rental leads sent from tenant and replied by you will remain in your inbox tab. Additionally, the Premium hits sent mail is stored at the Premium hits tabs.
  • Deleted Mail: The deleted mail tab will store all your deleted or hidden rental leads and Premium hits.

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