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Landlord Category: Posting Rentals
1. can i archive a listing?
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If your rental may be available again, we recommend that you archive listing instead of deleting it. An archived rental is hidden from all tenant searches, but still accessible from your landlord account by selecting “My Hidden Listings” from the “My Account” tab. The benefit of archiving your listings is that you will not have to repost you rental and you can reactivate it at any time. Read more
2. why is the map of my listing wrong?
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Your listing maybe mapping incorrectly because one of the attributes is incorrect. In most cases, incorrect maps are a result of adding a directional where it is not ascribed on the actual street sign. To fix these problems, click read more. Read more
3. what is the difference between my hits and leads?
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Premium Hits track all tenants, registered or non-registered members, that have viewed your rental details within a span of 30 days. Premium Rental Leads occur when a tenant, either a partial or full member, views your rental details and our site is able to save their contact information. Read more to find out about these features. Read more
4. how can i advertise rentals free?
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Advertising or posting a rental is fast and easy using and best of all standard postings are FREE. Using our service you can post rentals and reach potential tenants in minutes. To learn more about posting a rental property(s) click on read more link Read more
5. what is a standard listing?
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A Standard Listing is a free listing. This type of listing gives you standard exposure, standard placement in list & referrals. Standard listings also require you to Self-manage rentals via emails. Standard postings are deleted if not managed or has been 45 days since posting . Read more
6. is a standard listing good enough?
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Standard listings can be a successful means of advertising. Read more to learn a few good tips on getting the most out of your free standard listing. Read more
7. what are some good tips to use when advertising rentals?
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Advertising rentals on is fast, easy, and best of all standard listings are free. When you post rentals it is recommended that you answer all the listing drop downs, indicate whether there is a special deal for signing a lease or a rent rebate, post as many rentals as are available now and in the future, and if possible add a website or URL. Read more to learn about ways to effectively advertise rentals on Read more
8. what if i do not see my city or area in the drop down list?
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If you do not see your city, town, or area name in the drop down list please click the link adjacent to the field to suggest a city, town or area that should be added. Read more
9. what is the best practice in dealing with tenants and deposits?
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We recommend using your best judgment when dealing with a potential tenant. Be sure to verify that monies have cleared before releasing the property. Read more
10. can i advertise if i am licensed real estate agent?
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If you are real estate agent and charge a brokerage fee to rent the apartment you can advertise on our website, as an agent listing. Read more to find out pricing and agent listing policies. Read more
11. why has the text in my rental advertisements changed?
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If the text in your ads have been modified it is probably because all real estate advertised herein is subject to the federal Fair Housing Act, which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation, or discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, family status, national origin, or intention to make such preference, limitation or discrimination. Read more
12. how can i resume an archived listing?
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To resume your archive listing all you need to do is login to your account. Read more
13. if i know the listing will be available in future should i delete it?
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No, instead of deleting the listing just changed the start date to the next available date. Read more
14. how do i edit, delete, view my listing(s), or modify my contact information?
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To manage your rental posting you can go directly to the home page and login. Once logged in you can make edits to the details of your posting, renew your posting, edit or view your contact information, and upgrade to a premium listing or add the tenant database. To begin managing your rental click read more and follow the links to login to your account. Read more
15. what is the notice above my listing?
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Above your listing you may see a link in red font that says Fraudulent Check Notice this is our advisory to all landlords. Please be sure that all monies clear prior to turning over keys. Read more
16. how do i stop receiving emails?
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If you are registered on our site then you are currently receiving emails either to manage your listing(s) or to view rental leads. If you would like to stop receiving these email updates simply click on the link at the bottom of the emails you are currently receiving. Read more to find about these emails. Read more
17. does save the rentals that i posted before?
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No, once a rental has been deleted from our system we can not retrieve the data. Read more
18. does have information on rental laws?
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No, we do not have any information on local rental laws and cannot comment legally about any particular laws regarding individual states or countries. Read more
19. how will tenants contact me and am i required to pay?
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No, tenants register and pay to contact you directly. If you have a listing posted with us paid tenants will email or call you directly. Advertising a standard listing on our website is free. If you wish to be more proactive we do have premium products which are fee based. Read more
20. i am an agent and want to advertise rentals which i own, do i have to pay?
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No, as long as your are not representing the tenant, or this is your own property you may advertise on our website at no charge. Read more
21. can a registered tenant post a sublet?
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Yes, anyone can who has a property to rent can post on Standard listings are free to post. Read more
22. what other websites will my listing appear on?
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Your listing will appear on, or where applicable. Read more
23. how do i update my listing’s availability calendar?
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Log in to your landlord account and click ‘Edit Calendar.’ Read more
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