Renting Guide for Tenants

What is the Renting Guide for Tenants
The Renting Guide for Tenants explains the complete rental process from the tenant perspecitive. The Renting Guide offers tips on finding a rental, negotiating a lease, moving into the tenant's rental and getting settled in the tenant's new area. Whether you're renting an apartment, finding a house for rent, a room for rent or looing to sublet, the Renting Guide for Tenants can help a tenant find the perfect rental!

Why Review the Renting Guide for Tenants
The Renting Guide has information that will enlighten both seasoned and inexperienced tenants. The Renting Guide is built with our rental industry knowledge and customer service experience from years of service to our tenant users. The Renting Guide will help you become a a savvy renter, and savvy renters will save time and money.

What is included in our Renting Guide for Tenants
The Renting Guide topics include how to find rentals, what to expect from a rental price, tips about the rental area, information about the area schools, available jobs and careers, the local commuting conditions, different rental types, private rentals, sublets, rooms for rent, how to negotiate a rental price, holding deposit, a security deposit, lease terms, how to find movers, local resources like dry cleaning, and rent payment methods.

Recommendations from the Renting Guide for Tenants
We recommend that Tenants review our Renting Guide before begining the rental process. We recommend that all tenant and landlord parties involved in the rental process sign a rental contract and that all tenant and landlord parties keep a copy of the contract signed by all individuals involved in renting out the property.

Tenant Guide Topics
Renting Guide: Finding Rentals
Renting Guide: Rental Price
Renting Guide: Rental Area
Renting Guide: Schools
Renting Guide: Jobs
Renting Guide: Commuting
Renting Guide: Private Rentals
Renting Guide: Shared Rentals
Renting Guide: Sublets
Renting Guide: Negotiate Rental Price
Renting Guide: Holding Deposit
Renting Guide: Security Deposit
Renting Guide: Lease Terms
Renting Guide: Paying Rent
Renting Guide: Finding Movers
Renting Guide: Local Resources


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