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7/14/2016 Mark
I am blown away by this service! Every year I post here and they never fail to deliver a new tenant.
Hello, Just to express my great THANK-YOU, I was finally able to rent my studio apartment that my broker was unable to.  Your web-site was user-friendly and reasonably priced and I am very grateful. Thank you,- Ann
Dear, I was always skeptical about these type of websites. But proved itself. I was able to find a great place in 3-days. Thanks guys keep up the good work. Thanks, - Tunde
Dear Cityleases, Thanks to you and your service i received some excellent response and signed two wonderful tenants. i will use again in the future.Thanks
Dear, We found a great apartment for my daughter in Manhattan--no fees! I was told it couldn't be done, but your service provided the way. Thanks so much. Thank you
Dear, What a great service you are providing! I rented my apartment just in one week.  I hope keep helping people is this way.  God bless each of one that work in this marvelous enterprise. Once again thanks,- Sonai
Hello,Good morning! I just wanted to send this email to thank each and every one of you for sending me these listings for apartments during my apartment searches.I have a found a beautiful apartment in the Midwood section of Brooklyn at an affordable price in a great location. I am quite happy and it would not have been possible for your hard work and for your listings that were very helpful on a daily basis, concise and knowledgeable. I have recommended your services tomy friends and associates during there apartment searches.Once again, thank you for your diligence and information and if ever in the future I should need to look for an apartment again. You can count on my coming to the for assistance. A special thank you to Harold who helped me get my account set up for all the listings in the city, just know that your efforts do pay off and you do make a difference in the lives of the people you encounter. Have a great day!Thank you,- Elvira
I just wanted to let you know that I have listed with many sites and yours is the one I have received the most responses from. I just wanted to tell you how great it was.Thanks,- Monique
Hello,have been finding summer renters for many years. This year with you service was the easiest time I ever had finding a good tenant. Thank you!  Thanks,- Jason
Hi,I found a huge house in Boston at very reasonable price within two days of searching your website. Thank you very much, I appreciate it. I just wanted to inform your service that I found a place and am very satisfied. Thank you.Sincerely, - Clark
Dear Cityleases: Thank you very much for all your help. I have found someone for the apartment that I listed on your website. A lady called me to tell me that she was looking for an apartment. I told her that it was still available and we made an appointment and she left me the first month of security and just yesterday she left me the first month's rent. I so delighted and I believe in the web site. at first I was like "this isn't going to work" but a few day later i had the first lady calling and renting. a few other people called also. So thank you very much and i will recommend you to all the landlord's out there.Thanks a lot, - Omar
Dear,I wanted to express my thanks and gratitude for helping me find a place to live in New York City. I had to relocate to New York from Los Angeles for a job promotion, but I was worried that I would be scammed out of my money by one of the many housing websites or end up paying an unnecessary fee to a broker. I was referred to your site by a co-worker and it paid off.I found a place in less than a week AND I didn't have to pay a broker's fee! Once again, thank you and I hope your site helps others like it helped me.Thank you
Dear Cityleases,I rented an apartment through your service. It was the best all around process. Thanks.- C.Spivack
Hello, First, thanks for a great service! Trying to find an apartment in Manhattan is supposed to be impossible, but with just two days of looking, I found myself with not one but two ideal options.Sincerely,- Alison
Dear H. Miller,Thank you for your services and your prompt attention. MaryAnn and I will have other property available in the near future and will leave your site bookmarked for future use.Best regards,
Hi,I got my dream house through your system just yesterday and wanna say THANK YOU! At first, i found the fifty bucks hefty, but i really come to appreciate the way detailed info is included in you listings, anyway, thank you very much, it's been fifty bucks well spent Warmest regards, - Yannling
Cityleases,I wanted to let you know that I rented my apartment thru your site. The number of calls and email contacts far surpassed the response rate from newspaper ads previously. Also the quality of the contacts were far better. This is definitely the way for the future. Thanks,- Feyzan
Dear,I wanted to thank you for your service. This was the easiest time I've ever had trying to find a place to live, and it wouldn't have been if it weren't for your website and the email updates you send. (Having moved eight times..., I think I know what I'm talking about.) The ads were plentiful and informative, which allowed me to save the apartments I was most interested in and disregard those I couldn't afford or weren't for the right dates. Your customer service was always helpful and to the point when I had questions about my membership. I will highly recommend to anyone looking for a place to live.Thanks!! - Tracey
Hello,Thank You very much for all of your diligence in posting and keeping me abreast of the listing. I appreciate your service and will diffidently be using your service in the near future.Thank you,- Darlene
To Whom It May Concern:Thank you so very much for your help. It worked. I have told many people about the wonderful service you provide. I wish you continued success.God Bless!- Lucretia
Dear, Just wanted you to know that your site has been a great help to me and renting my apartment out. Anyone I ever met through your website has been a decent professional. Thanks for the good work! Thank you,- Tom
Dear, I have found an apartment. It was great and I got excellent results. You have a great program, thank you again.Thank you,- Lisa
Hi, just wanted to say thanks for your service; I posted an available room on Saturday the 20th, and had a tenant all signed up by Monday night, which was a huge relief Thanks so much!- Meighan
Hi,I was very pleased with your service and within 2 days located my apartment. Thank you very much for your assistance and with your help in locating my new home.Thank you,- Frances
Dear Spyder Rentals,You have an excellent service concept and for that I wholeheartedly congratulate you as a retired banker. Thank you again. Thanks, - Samim
Dear I found the perfect apartment sublease. Your $75.00 fee was the best investment I made. Thank you again,- Jennifer
Hello, I just found a place courtesy of your web site and I just want to thank you for all your daily updates, they came in handy. thanks for everything you guys rock! Thanks,- Charles
Dear,The apartment I have listed has been rented through your service. You have provided a terrific service and I am going to use it again in case of need. Regards, - Giorgio
Hello Spyder Rentals, To let you know, i found a terrific apt for my daughter through your website and now looking for my son. It's just great! Thanks,- Wendy
Dear Spyder Rentals, Thanks for all of your help...your sight is great and I have been thrilled with the responses!! Thanks,- Paula
Hey, I want to thank you for your services, one of the only legit ones out there. I have found an apartment and no longer need your services. I will definitely recommend it to friends along the way.Thank you again.... - Darlene
Dear, I listed with you on Friday, I had a visit Sunday and a check on Thursday. Thanks a million. I also got several other responses in those six days, but had to turn them down. I'm very impressed.Thanks a million,- Don
Dear, I just wanted to say that this is the best site for hunting an apartment in NY City and believe me, I have looked at about all of them! Thanks for your service- Sincerely, - Jennifer
Dear Cityleases,The response was intense and almost overwhelming! I was able to find a great couple to rent to! I really think your service is great and will recommend it to any one I talk to who wants to rent. I will use it again next year and so will my girlfriend! Thank you, - Patrick
Hello, Thank you for all your information. My daughter found an apartment that she was pleased with. Thank you very much for your time and patience.Thank you,- Donna
Dear Cityleases,Just a note to let you know that I have rented out my unit in Buffalo through your service. Thanks, - Paul
Dear Howard,Thank you for your information of those apartment. I found out one yesterday and it was a good deal. When I have to move again, I'll use your website.Thank you,- Chieko
Dear Cityleases, Thank you for all your help and hope to do business with you again in the future.Thanks
Hello, I have found an apartment through your service. I am very grateful. It worked great. I will certainly use your service in the future. Thank you. Sincerely, - Maura
Hello,One day was enough to receive enough responses to rent it out successfully. best, Thanks - Heinrich
Dear Thanks for assisting me in finding an apartment. I have recently found a place to live. I will be sure to pass along your email site to any friends in need of an apartment. Thanks,- Jen
Dear,Thank you for listing my apt. I will do it again in the future.Thank you,- Luis
Hello,This is a great resource for anyone moving and looking for an apartment, especially in Manhattan! I was pressed for time in starting a new job in NYC and found a summer apartment share through this site and it's been terrific! I've also found a apartment (permanent apartment) through this site for the Fall. I posted my apartment in Chicago for a rent as well! Keep up the good work! Thanks for your help! Best Regards,- Sharon
Dear,My apartment has been rented. Thank you so much for your help.Sincerely,- Dennis
Dear Cityleases, I just wanted to tell you that i\i already found an apartment. Thank you very much for your help and your assistance.
Scott,I found a great apartment through your service. You guys made the process really easy. I will definitely recommend the service to my friends.Thanks guys - Scott
Hi,It was a pleasure working through you. we had like 10 calls the first day and rented right away. terrific service! Thanks
Dear,I successfully found an apartment this weekend through your service. The service was great and found an excellent apartment. Thanks a lot Best Regards,- Todd
Dear Cityleases, Thanks for your great service. i rented in two days. Thanks
Dear Mr. Miller, Thank you so much for the information you sent me. Your websiteis really very useful for finding apartments. Best regards- Thereza
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